Green Kinemaster Pro APK 2022 v6.0.6 {Premium Unlocked, Without Watermark}

Green Kinemaster Pro APK is a video editor app that allows you to edit your videos in a more easy and simple way. This app is designed with the help of one of the most popular video editing software, Final Cut Pro X.

Green Kinemaster Pro APK allows you to create videos and add music, images, and text to them. You can also make your own videos using this app. You can also share your creations on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So download and give it a try today.

This app is very easy to use as all you have to do is open it up and choose one of the many templates available. Once you have chosen a template, all you need to do is add some text and photos to it, then save it as an MP4 file for uploading on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, etc.

Green Kinemaster Pro APK Free to Download

Features of Green Kinemaster Pro APK

High Speed

The high speed of the Green Kinemaster Pro APK Video Editor is 36x. It means that you can edit at a speed of 36 times faster than before.

High Quality

The quality of the Green Kinemaster Pro APK Video Editor has been improved to ensure that you get the best and clean output. This is because it uses high-quality algorithms for editing your videos.

Supports Different Formats

The Green Kinemaster Pro APK Video Editor supports different formats such as MP4, FLV, M4A, MKV, etc. You can edit these formats with ease by using this app on your Android device.

Add Music

Green Kinemaster allows you to add music from its library or your own music to create the perfect soundtrack for your videos.

Different Effects

The app has support for special effects such as slow-motion, fast motion, jump cut, and freeze frame. You can also add text to your videos using this app.

Create High-Quality GIFs

You can use Green Kinemaster Pro APK to create high-quality animated GIFs from your videos as well as convert them into other formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, or H264/MPEG-4 AVC format.

Free to Use

Green Kinemaster Pro APK is a free application available on Google Play Store. You don’t need any kind of payment or credit card details to download this app and use it for free. This means that you can use Green Kinemaster Pro APK without worrying about paying anything at all.

Easy to Use

The interface is very easy to understand even if you don’t know much about editing software. There are lots of options available right away so that you can start working on your project right away. The simple design makes it easy for anyone who wants to learn how to use it quickly and effectively.

Change Background

You can change the background of the video by choosing from a variety of themes that include landscapes, cities, buildings, etc. You can also add titles and captions to your videos easily using this app. You can also cut out sections of the video using this app and add them back in again if needed.

All-in-one Video Editor

This is an all-in-one video editor that helps you edit multiple videos at once with ease. You can also add text and music to your videos as well as add effects like filters and transitions easily with just a single click on its interface.

Unlimited Video Storage

In order to make your videos look better, we have added unlimited storage space so that you can save all your edited videos on your device (Android) or computer (Windows) easily without any hurdles.

Common FAQs of Green Kinemaster Pro APK

Is Green Kinemaster Pro APK safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use. We have installed all the necessary security measures in our app to ensure that your data is safe from any kind of data loss or damage. We are a trusted source for quality apps and software, so you can download them with complete confidence.

How can I download Green Kinemaster Pro APK?

You can download the app directly from our website. You don’t need to register or any other process. Just click on the link given below and download it instantly.

Will I be able to edit videos on my phone?

Yes, you can easily edit videos on your phone using this video editor app. You will get all the features for an advanced editing of videos using this app. It has all the functions that are needed for an advanced editing of videos including trimming, cropping, adding music, adding effects etc.

Can I export my edited video as a YouTube video?

Yes, you can export your edited video as a YouTube video by dragging it on the Export button in the bottom right corner of the screen after editing your video.

How to use Green Kinemaster Pro APK on PC?

It is very simple. You will not require any Android emulator to install it on your PC. You can simply download the zip file from the link provided above. Open the downloaded file and follow the installation instruction given in there.

Can I use Green Kinemaster Pro APK for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, you can use this app for both Android and iOS devices without any issues. However, some features might be limited in the case of an iPhone device only.


Green Kinemaster Pro APK is an excellent Video Editor app. It offers all the standard editing services and more in a sleek, unified interface. The ability to work directly with RAW files is a real plus, and the video editing and collage creation tools offer functionality not found in many similar apps. The animated stickers are fun and add a unique touch to any creation. Overall, there’s a lot to like about this app as a new creative outlet for making polished works of art.

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